Original Heat


Premium Australian beef, OCD's classic marinade and a blend of exotic Thai chillies resulting in a perfect heat and flavour balance. 

These particular strains of chilli were selected for their mild heat and full flavour. One variety is particularly fruity with a fresh spring feel, the other is sun ripened with rich earthy full flavours. The two together create a perfect sweet heat glow with just enough edge that makes you wanting more.

The perfect ratio compliments delicate beef in a robust marinade. When it comes out of the packet it looks fresh off the oven. 

How hot is it?

Not too hot but enough to create that sensation we crave. We rate it on a heat scale of 4/10. Even if your not a chilli fan we highly recommend you try it. With encouragement, many of those that are not fans of chilli try the "Original Heat" and it turns out to be their favourite flavour!