Our story

Hand crafted beef jerky. We are located in Perth, Western Australia and supply the local and global market with our premium products.

We have been in development since 2007 using our old traditional family recipes and blending them with modern cuisine. We only use Natural premium quality ingredients sourced locally from Australia's finest merchants and Australia's finest quality Grass fed Beef - MSA grade Topside.

Frustrated with the poor quality of beef jerky and biltong snacks OCD set out with the goal to create the most delicious natural jerky snack. Beef jerky has been a passion from our early years and has developed into a healthy obsession.

How we do it

Using the finest gourmet ingredients from Australia and the world we have created the purest beef snack. Its not only our natural ingredients that make up our renowned flavour but a consistent quality control by our artisan craftsmen. The slicing, marinating, drying and packaging are each equally important steps in delivering OCD's 5star jerky.

High quality beef is required o make the finest beef jerky. The marinade consists of Natural herbs, sauces and spices sourced from Australia and around the globe. The beef marinates for 24hrs giving it enough time to absorb all that natural goodness. It is then laid for drying in our custom designed dehydrators. Our custom drying machines are designed for optimum airflow covering every cubic millimetre of beef. To achieve the purest flavour possible, we designed and installed a custom charcoal filtration system ensuring a fresh and clean air.


Fresh out the packet

After the dry, there remains a small window of opportunity to package the jerky. You must allow excess heat and moisture to dissipate before rapid packaging to lock in oven freshness. Our goal is for the beef to arrive to you straight from the oven, fresh out the packet!

OCD’s quality control is of the highest standard. Our comprehensive 6 stage system ensures only the finest jerky will reach you. Inspection, trimming, slicing, marinating, drying and packaging each have unique procedures in place to certify individual cuts for perfection.

Our team

An Australian owned, run and operated local family business. We have built this company from the ground up.

We would spend our free time working on the business crafting our dream of the worlds Best Jerky. With all of our family and friends support and encouragement we got closer and closer. Before long we were spending day and night working away to make it happen.

We love sharing our products and introducing new people to the wonders of beef jerky. Our team is made up of friendly people passionate about quality foods!

We love to share the love and hand out Jerky wherever we go. Theres nothing better than seeing someones eyes light up with a smile, It really does taste as good as it looks!