Australia's Premium Handcrafted Beef Jerky Company

Premium quality handcrafted Beef Jerky. Only the finest herbs, sauces and spices are used to season prime Aussie beef. Marinated for 24hrs. 

-Charcoal filter air dried-



"Hands down best jerky ive ever had. A mate offered me a piece once, since then been hooked."

"Amaaazing! Seriously yum, great quality and a healthy snack! Converted me totally to Jerky."

"The double black jerky has to be one of the best eats on the planet!! Can't sing its praises enough and 10/10 for customer service massive thumbs up!!!!"


We only use the finest MSA grade Australian beef. Our marinade consists of natural herbs, sauces and spices. There are absolutely no added preservatives, colours or flavour enhancers. Why would there be?  By using natural ingredients, premium beef and quality products we can achieve that amazing taste in our world class beef jerky. Our process of marinating, flash drying and packaging ensures we maintain a healthy shelf life that comes out of the packet like its fresh off the oven.